Village Hall & Community Centre

The original village hall was in Chapel Lane, now the site of a bungalow, and was referred to as ‘The Reading Room’. Many activities took place including ‘The Harvest Supper’, Miss British Legion Dance, Young Farmers meetings and Variety Shows including ‘Twenty Questions’ and ‘Amateur plays’, but it was becoming obvious a great deal of money would have to be spent on putting modern toilets, heating(currently a stove,which smoked when the wind was in the wrong direction) and a car park, which was a grassed patch holding approx three cars.

In the seventies the old Royal Naval Armaments Depot canteen, which had closed down after being used by the U.S. Army for several years, was purchased by the villagers and converted into ‘The Village Hall’. At first it was operated with the entire kitchen still in situe. Money was raised to improve the facilities which already had a stage at the north end. This included taking the kitchen out and building toilets and a committee room. The building had a asbestos and part flat roof which used to leek from time to time, a green tiled floor which used to mark everyone’s shoes but inside toilets, a luxury!

In 1994 the then chairperson, came up with the idea of a ‘New Village Hall’ to be built on the existing site and with help of many other committee members and the burning of a considerable amount of midnight oil the applications for planning and various grants were submitted resulting in the dream becoming a reality and in 1998 the building was completed.

Ditton Priors Village Hall has a large main area with a bar and lounge. There is a committee room for meetings and a fully equipped kitchen.

All parts of the hall are disability friendly, making it the perfect place to hold all types of functions.

Organisations who have or who are using the hall include Short-Mat indoor Bowls, W.I, Art Club, Line Dancing, Brownies, Keep-fit and many more.

For bookings please call and for further information call Andrew Jones on 01746 712696.

Village HallDitton Priors Village Hall